The Golden Age of Versailles

The Golden Age of Versailles is an interdisciplinary course that explores the vibrant culture emanating from the court at Versailles from the period of the renovation and development of the château in the reign of Louis XIV (1661-1715) to the French Revolution. Work with primary sources in the form of literary and philosophical texts will be enhanced by study of other aspects of the cultural life of Versailles, including architecture, sculpture, painting, garden design, theater, dance, music and fashion. Our objective is to trace the evolution of artistic production at Versailles over a period of about 120 years and demonstrate the rich intersections between different forms and media. The digital component of the course will involve both instructional materials and a collaborative student project. 
Instructional materials 
The production of digital mini-lectures on dance, fashion, architecture and glarden design at Versailles are in development. These presentations include images, video, and a short talk by experts in these fields. For example, a two-part digital lecture featuring Catherine Turocy, Director of the New York Baroque Dance Company 
The mini-lectures will enhance classroom instruction and be available through the semester for student viewing. 
Digital Timeline of Versailles 
Students will participate in the collaborative project of a digital timeline; this tool will serve as a conceptual exploration and a visual support for understanding the evolution of various art forms practiced at Versailles over a period of 120 years. Students will work in teams of two to research and create specific points on the timeline corresponding to notable developments in the various disciplines we will discuss in the course.