Columbia Health Medical Services Reimbursement Procedure

Barnard students cannot be seen at Columbia Health Services when classes are in session.

Barnard students can only be seen at Columbia Health for urgent care problems during winter, spring and summer break when the PCHS is closed.

You will be charged $95 for every visit to Medical Services, which must be paid at the time of your visit. However, the $95 fee may be reimbursed through your insurance company (please note that the Barnard Primary Care Health Service cannot reimburse you directly). Please see below for instructions for reimbursement through Aetna Student Health. If you have other insurance, you will have to contact your insurance representative to find out what if any portion of the fee is reimbursable.

Below is the step-by-step reimbursement procedure, specific to Aetna Student Health holders:

  1. Before you leave Columbia Health Medical Services, you will receive a receipt that contains all the relevant information for your visit including a diagnosis code and a procedure code (ICD-10 and CPT). Please make sure that those codes are on your receipt along with the Health Service Tax ID#, the provider's name and title and the date of your visit. If any of these are missing you may not be reimbursed.
  2. Print and fill out an Aetna Student Health Claim Form
  3. After you have completed the Aetna Student Health Claim form, mail it along with your receipt from Columbia Health and your written diagnosis to:

Aetna Student Health
Claims Department
P.O. Box 981106
El Paso TX, 79998

Before mailing your forms, please make copies for your records!

Please call the Barnard College Primary Care Health Service at 1-212-854-2091 if you have further questions.