Belinda Archibong

Assistant Professor of Economics

Professor Archibong's research areas include development economics, political economy, economic history and environmental economics with an African regional focus. Her research investigates the role of historical institutions and environment in inequality of access to public services and human capital outcomes. Some current research studies the impact of climate-induced health shocks on the gender gap in human capital investment, and the impact of air pollution from gas flaring on human capital outcomes. Other work studies the links between domestic labor coercion, fiscal policy and public infrastructure construction in British colonial Africa, the effects of taxation on public service provision in Nigeria, and the role of ethnic and gender bias in hiring. She is a faculty affiliate at Columbia University's Center for Development Economics and Policy (CDEP)The Earth Institute at Columbia University, the Institute of African Studies, the Institute for Research in African-American Studiesthe Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC), and the Center for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP). 

She joined the Economics faculty in 2015 and received a B.A. in Economics/Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from Columbia University. Her CV and further information can also be found on her personal website.  


Academic Focus: 

Research and Teaching Fields

Development Economics, Political Economy, Economic History, Environmental Economics



Econ BC3063   Senior Seminar: Logic and Limits of Economic Justice

Econ BC3041   Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy

Econ BC3039   Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Econ BC1003   Introduction to Economic Reasoning 


Office: Milstein Center 1003

Phone: (212)-854-8952




B.A., Columbia University

Ph.D., Columbia University 

In the News

Since last May, Barnard faculty members were awarded major research grants that support a diverse array of interests, enabling them to continue existing studies and support collaborations with other institutions.

During the spring 2018 semester, Barnard's faculty were awarded distinguished research grants and fellowships in the arts, creative scholarship, economics, and science. 

In the summer and fall of 2017, Barnard's exceptional faculty were awarded multiple prestigious research grants and fellowships.

Profs. Rajiv Sethi, Homa Zarghamee and Belinda Archibong are part of a group of professors who have developed an innovative economics curriculum and interactive and free textbook.

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