Cecelia Lie

Term Associate, English
Associate Director, Writing Program

Cecelia Lie is a PhD Candidate in the Feminist Studies department at UC Santa Cruz, and a Barnard alumna with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing. In addition to her training in feminist pedagogies and writing and speaking across-the-curriculum scholarship, she specializes in feminist science studies approaches to transnational reproductive health and justice. Her current project is about underground markets for misoprostol, a forensically untraceable drug commonly used to induce abortion when abortion is outlawed or otherwise severely restricted. Working against racialized dichotomies of primitivism and technological progress, this project looks across the transnational, legal, and bodily borders depicted in recent media and clinical contexts in the U.S. and Latin America.


First-Year Writing Workshop; First-Year Writing, Women & Culture; Academic Writing Intensive; The Art of the Essay


225 Barnard Hall

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Fall 2017


PhD Candidate, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz
M.A., Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz
B.A., English and Creative Writing, Barnard College


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The goal of Barnard’s writing fellows program is simple: It’s meant to help every student write better, no matter what her major.