For Off-Ladder Faculty

In addition to the research support available to all full-time faculty, the professional development leave program is available to off-ladder faculty.

Professional Development Leave Program

The Professional Development Leave Program (PDL) is designed to free continuing senior off-ladder faculty members and faculty in the professional practice series from normal teaching, advising and College service in order that they may pursue professional goals more intensively than is possible while fulfilling their usual obligations to the College. This leave program recognizes those senior off-ladder and professional practice faculty members whose professional lives so complement their teaching and College service that by supporting the first, the College improves the overall quality of the second and third. To receive this award, faculty must meet all eligibility requirements and submit an application found on the Forms and Guidelines page, which includes a project. Proposal are expected to meet a high standard and be related to and contribute to the faculty member's instructional responsibilities.

Note: Faculty members on College-paid leave are expected to return to the College for at least one year when the leave ends. Failure to do so obligates the faculty member to repay the College for the cost of the paid leave, including salary and benefits.