For Tenured Faculty

In addition to the research support available to all full-time faculty, chairs and professorships, leaves, and professional development funds are available to tenured faculty.

Chairs and Professorships

In recognition of a tenured faculty member's accomplishments, the President, with recommendations from the Provost, awards several honorary Chairs and Professorships.

  • Ann Whitney Olin Foundation Chairs - Conferred on tenured faculty members for five year term; includes $2,000 per year in research funds.
  • Endowed Chairs - Currently 17 endowed chairs (7 created since 2000); includes $4,000 annual research fund.
  • Tow Professorships for Distinguished Scholars and Practitioners - Two recipients each year; includes $10,000 research/professional development fund and summer stipend each year for two years.

Leave Programs

Sabbatical Entitlement

Professors and Associate Professors are entitled to sabbatical leaves of one year at half-salary or a half-year at full salary to provide them with uninterrupted opportunities for research. Sabbaticals are due to tenured Professors or Associate Professors after they have completed twelve semesters of service in the ladder professorial ranks. When an Assistant Professor with at least six years of counted service is promoted to tenure, the first sabbatical is due in the year following the first year of tenure. Sabbatical leaves are granted only if the officer of instruction plans to return to the College for at least one academic year of full-time service or equivalent part-time service after the leave. Sabbatical leaves may not be postponed for more than three years after the original semester of eligibility without loss of credit toward the next sabbatical, unless the deferral is approved by the Provost and Dean of the Faculty as in the interests of the College. Faculty returning from sabbatical leave shall submit to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty a brief summary of their activities with regard to their research while on leave either by October 1st (for spring term leaves) or March 1st (for fall term leaves). For more information, please visit the Academic Code.

Senior Faculty Research Leaves (SFRL)

The Senior Faculty Research Leave Program (SFRL) is part of the College’s ongoing effort to support and encourage faculty development. The program is designed to afford senior faculty members with a periodic opportunity to focus on their scholarly endeavors in a manner not possible when engaged in a full program of teaching and College service.Unlike a sabbatical, the SFRL is not an entitlement, and is intended to recognize those senior faculty members whose scholarly lives so complement their teaching and College service that by supporting the first, the College improves the overall quality of the second and third. The expectation is that projects proposed will meet a high standard. Eligibility, expectations, and application procedures can be found on the Forms and Guidelines page.

Note: Faculty members on College-paid leave are expected to return to the College for at least one year when the leave ends. Failure to do so obligates the faculty member to repay the College for the cost of the paid leave, including salary and benefits.

Professional Development Funds

Tenured and tenure-track faculty may request professional development funds to enroll in courses at Columbia University. For more information, please contact Associate Provost Patricia Denison at extension 47517.