Faculty Searches

Department Chair's are responsible for new faculty searches. The first step in the process is to petition the FBPC for a search request. (Relevant forms can be found on the Forms & Guidelines page under "Search Petitions.") Upon the recommendation of the FBPC and Provost, the President decides whether a search may be initiated. If approval is given, the Provost notifies the Chair that planning for the search may begin.

After receiving authorization to conduct a search to fill a tenure track or a faculty term position of three or more years, the Department Chair or Program Director must consult with the Dean for Faculty Diversity and Development at various stages of the process as detailed in the Faculty Handbook. To facilitate the consultation, Chairs/Directors are asked to prepare a statement discussing the topics listed under each of the three phases of the search process and to email it to the Dean prior to scheduling the consultation meeting:

  1. Planning for the Search

  • Proposed Search Committee Members
  • Plan to Recruit a Diverse Pool of Applicants
  • Criteria for Candidate Selection
  • Proposed Copy for Vacancy Announcement
  • Publications for the Announcement
  • Projected Budget for the Search
  • Projected Timetable for the Search
  1. Reviewing Applicants

  • Rank Order of the 3-4 Candidates Selected for Campus Interviews and Statements Describing How Each Meets the Selection Criteria
  • If None of the Top Candidates Fulfill the College’s Goals for Faculty Diversity, Identify and Discuss the Applicant with Strongest Qualifications
  1. Selecting a Finalists

  • Rank Order the Department’s Evaluation of the Interviewed Candidates and Discuss the Reasons for Your Ranking
  • If The Department Is Declaring a Failed Search Explain Why.

Instead of developing a narrative with the above criteria, Chairs/Directors may complete the template available on the forms page.

Sample Search Timeline

  • No later than March 1st  -- Submit request to FBPC for authorization to conduct search
  • April-June -- After FBPC authorizes, submit search plan to Provost
  • June-Sept -- After Provost approves search plan, begin active recruitment of a diverse pool, publish job ad in journals, list serves, etc., specifying deadline for applications (typically between Oct 1 and Nov 1).
  • Oct-Nov -- Send acknowledgments to applicants. Convene search committee to review applications and develop 6-8 name short list; consult with Provost and Dean for Faculty Diversity and Development to arrive at finalist list; solicit further information on finalists.
  • Dec-Feb -- Invite finalists, schedule campus visits, rank finalists after visits, and confer with Provost on making an offer.