Courses Evaluated and Denied General Education Requirement Designation

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Last updated: 12/10/12. 

Department Prefix and # Name Desig. denied Desig. approved Date evaluated
Africana Studies AFRS BC 2510 Politics & Poetics of Consumption: Food, Ethnicity, and Globalization SOC EAV 3/19/12
Africana Studies AFRS BC 3020 Harlem Crossroads SOC HIS 1/25/10
Africana Studies AFRS/PAFS BC 3120 History of African American Music CUL ART 3/19/04
Africana Studies AFRS/PAFS BC 3122 Ethnography of Black Americans SOC    
Africana Studies AFRS G 4250 Race & The Articulation of Difference CUL    
Art History AHIS BC 3345 Islamic Architecture HIS ART 9/27/04
Art History AHIS BC 3624 Representing Kingship in the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal
HIS ART, CUL 11/8/04
Art History AHIS BC 3654 Institutional Critique ART   11/19/07
Art History AHIS BC 3658 History & Theory of the Avant-Garde REA ART 4/28/08
Art History AHIS BC 3952x Art and Mass/Popular Culture ART   4/23/01
Art History AHIS 3645 An Introduction to Islamic Architecture HIS ART 11/10/03
Art History AHIS BC 3949 The Art of Witness REA   1/24/11
Art History AHIS BC 3950 Photography and Video in Asia CUL ART 11/21/05
Art History AHIS BC 3968 Art Criticism SOC ART 4/29/02
Art History AHIS BC 3684 Directions in Contemporary Art EAV ART 2/27/12
Art History AHIS BC 3682 Early Modernism and the Crisis of Representation EAV HIS 2/27/12
Art History AHIS W 3600 Nineteenth-Century Art REA ART 11/20/06
Anthropology ANTH BC 3142 Anthropology of Religion REA SOC, CUL May-00
Anthropology ANTH The Anthropology of Cultural, Biological, and Linguistic Diversity SOC CUL 12/19/11
Anthropology ANTH V 1007 Origins of Human Society HIS, CUL SOC 5/8/00
Anthropology ANTH V 2300 Anthropology of Estrangement SOC REA, CUL 4/23/07
Anthropology ANTH V 3070 Ethnoarchaeology of Cities HIS SOC, CUL 5/8/00
Anthropology ANTH V 3047 Text, Magic and Perfomance SOC CUL 9/20/04
Anthropology ANTH V 3300 Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America SOC, HIS CUL 4/23/07
Anthropology ANTH V 3928 Religious Mediation CUL   11/19/07
Anthropology ANTH V 3962 History and Memory HIS CUL, SOC 9/15/03
Anthropology ANTH V 3966 Culture, Mental Health and Clinical Practice SOC CUL 1/26/04
Anthropology ANTH V 3968x Anthropological Controversies SOC   4/23/01
Anthropology ANTH V 3971x Environment and Cultural Behavior SOC   4/23/01
Anthropology ANTH V 4625 Anthropology of Film CUL SOC, ART 5/8/00
Asian-American Studies ASAM W 3922 Asian American Cinema REA   5/12/09
AMEC   Environment and Globalization: Chinese and Indian Experiences SOC   4/30/12
AMEC ASCE V xxxx The Story of the Stone and Gender in Late Imperial China CUL, HIS LIT 10/17/05
AMEC ASCE V 2359 Civilization of China HIS   2/12/02
AMEC ASCE 3595 East Asia in America; America in East Asia SOC CUL 11/08/04
AMEC ASCM 4001 The History, Literature and Culture of Bengal LIT HIS 9/22/03
AMEC ASCM V 2008 Contemporary Islamic Civilization HIS   2/12/02
AMEC ASST W 4xxx Judaism and Christ. M.S. Asia HIS   3/01/04
AMEC EAAS W4557 Film and TV in Tibet-Inner Asia CUL ART 11/21/05
Center for Study of Ethn. & Race CSER W 3940 Comparative Study of Constitutional Challenging Affecting African American, Latino and Asian American Communities CUL SOC 2/26/07
Center for Study of Ethn. & Race CSER W 1012 History of Racialization in the United States SOC CUL 2/26/07
Chinese CHNS G5017/5018 Coll Advanced Modern Chinese Readings LIT    
Chinese CHNS W3301/3302 Classical Chinese LIT    
Chinese CHNS W4003/4004 Advanced Chinese LIT    
Classics CLCV V 3110 The Ancient City CUL HIS 3/11/02
Classics CLLT W 4115 Tragedy and Performance CUL LIT, ART 5/8/00
Comparative Lit. CLEN W 3208 Modern Comparative Fiction CUL   09/20/04
Comparative Lit. CLME W 4031 Sociology of Middle Eastern Cinema LIT   4/09/04
Comparative Lit. CLME W 4031 Cinema & Society in Asia and Africa LIT ART 4/09/04
Comparative Lit CLME G 4242 Gender Issues in Middle East LIT   4/09/04
Comparative Lit CLME G 6020 Colonialism: a Global Perspective LIT   3/01/06
Comp Lit/Slavic CLRS V 1280 Decadence in Russia and Eurp[e REA, CUL LIT 1/26/04
Comparative Lit CPLS BC 3102 Autobiography, Psycho . . . CUL LIT 5/8/00
Comparative Lit. CPLS BC 3142 The Spanish Civil War in Literature and the Visual Arts ART LIT 4/23/07
Comparative Lit CPLS V 3103 Holocaust Literature and Film REA, HIS, CUL LIT, ART 5/8/00
Comparative Lit CPLS 3123 Poetics and Politics of Friendship: Modern Literature and the Experience of Bonding CUL LIT 3/21/05
ComLit/ Slavic CPLS V 3223 Postwar East European Prose CUL   3/11/02
Comparative Lit. CPLS 3925/EAAS 3567 Wisdom Literatures CUL REA 4/10/06
Comparative Lit. CPLS V 3675 Mad Love CUL LIT 2/21/03
CompLit/Slavic CZCH W 4035 The Writers of Prague CUL   3/11/02
Dance DNCE BC 2558 Evolution of Spanish Dance CUL ART 5/8/00
Dance DNCE BC 2560 What is Dance? REA ART 4/17/00
Dance DNCE BC 2565 History of Dance: Multicultural . . . HIS ART, CUL 5/8/00
Dance DNCE BC 3577 Performing the Political SOC ART 4/17/00
Dance DNCE BC 3578 Traditions of African American Dance CUL SOC, ART 2/14/05
Dance DNCE BC 3583 Gender and Historical Memory HIS ART 10/27/08
Dance DNCE BC 3980 Performing the Political SOC   3/19/07
AMEC AHUM V 3399 Colloquium on Major Works from the Islamic World EAV   10/24/11
AMEC EAAS G 4618 Biography, Memory, and Modern Tibet HIS   3/24/03
AMEC EAAS V 3100 History and Ethnography of East Asian Martial Arts SOC CUL 1/26/04
AMEC EAAS V3---x History of Medicine in China SOC   3/21/05
AMEC EAAS V 3608 Samurai, Cowboy, Shaolin Monk: National Myths and Transnational Forms in Literature and Film SOC, ART   3/21/05
AMEC EAAS V 3900 Topics in Feminism in Modern Japan SOC ART 10/21/02
AMEC EAAS 4102 Critical Approaches to East Asia in the Social Sciences CUL SOC 3/21/05
AMEC EAAS W 4212 Topics in Early China and Japan: The Power of Words in China and Japan CUL LIT 9/25/06
East Asian Lang. and Cultures MDES G 4347 Origins of Armenian Art ART   2/26/07
Ecology, Evolution and Env. Bio EEEB W 4700 Race: The Tangled History of a Biological Concept HIS   2/26/07
English ENGL BC 3184 House and Home in American Culture HIS LIT 5/8/00
English ENGL BC 3188 The Modern Novel REA LIT 4/29/02
English ENGL BC 3200 Film Production ART   4/14/03
English ENGL W 4670 Hollywood Film Noir LIT ART 2/21/03
Theater ENTH BC 3136 Shakespeare in Performance CUL ART, LIT 5/8/00
French FREN BC 3047 Sec. 11 Blacks, Jews HIS CUL 5/8/00
French FREN BC 3049 / 3064 France on Film SOC ART 4/17/00
French FREN BC 3072 Major Literary Works of the French-Speaking  World CUL LIT 2/23/04
French FREN W 3421 Introduction to French and Francophone Studies II REA CUL, LIT 2/26/07
French FREN W 3498 French Cultural Studies Workshop CUL   2/9/09
French FREN W 3760 French Theory After 1968 LIT   2/12/07
German GERM BC 3201 Intro to German Culture and Thought SOC, LIT REA, HIS 4/17/00
History HIST BC 3400 Intro to Historical Theory and Method CUL REA, HIS 5/8/00
History HIST BC 3491x History of Mexican Borderlands CUL HIS 4/23/01
History HIST W 3800 Gandhi's India CUL HIS 1/22/07
History HIST BC 3803 Gender and Empire CUL SOC, HIS 4/23/07
History HIST W 4330 From Eden to Environmentalism CUL   1/26/09
History HIST BC 4368 History of the Senses in Britain and France ART HIS 9/20/04
History HIST BC 4761 Life Histories of African Women SOC HIS 4/14/03
History HIST BC 4788 Gender, Sexuality, and Power from Colonial to Contemporary Africa SOC CUL, HIS 3/19/12
History HIST BC 4886 Fashion ART HIS, CUL 4/18/05
History HIST BC 4901 Reacting to the Past CUL REA 2/12/02
History HIST BC 4907 Edible Conflicts: The History of Food SOC HIS 3/20/06
AMEC HSEA V 3876 Modern Japan SOC HIS 9/22/03
AMEC HSEA W 3876 Ideas and Society in Modern Japan 1600-the present SOC HIS 9/22/03
AMEC HSEA W 4890 Historiography of East Asia CUL REA 9/20/04
History/Slavic HSSL W 3224 Cities and Civilizations: An Intro to Eurasian Studies LIT HIS, CUL  
Italian ITAL BC 3227 Contemporary Italian Women Writers HIS LIT 5/8/00
Italian ITAL G 4025y Italian Investigations of Poetic World: All GER   11/12/01
Italian ITAL G 4391y Challenging Genres, Gendering Fiction: All GER   11/12/01
Italian ITAL W 4140y Fictionalizing History: Italian Fascism All GER   11/12/01
AMEC MDES W 3541 Zionism LIT   Jan-04
AMEC MDES W 4512/13 Readings In Hebrew Texts I and II LIT   11/19/01
AMEC MDES G 4347 Origins of Armenian Art ART   2/26/07
Music AHMM V 3321

Musics of India & West Asia

HIS ART, CUL 11/16/09
Music MUSI BC2016


CUL ART 10/04
Music MUSI V 3321, V3322 Chromatic Harmony ART   9/15/03
Music MUSI V 3379 Twentieth Century Music ART   9/15/03
Music MUSI V 3380 Music Since 1945 ART   9/15/03
Music MUSI V 3420 The Social Science of Music CUL   2/12/02
Music MUSI V 3430 Music and Nationalism HIS SOC 3/19/04
Music MUSI W 4426 Popular Music in Brazil CUL   10/04
Philosophy PHIL V 3525y Skepticism     3/24/03
Philosophy PHIL V 3740x Hermeneutics, History, and the Human Sciences     3/24/03
Political Science POLS W 3210 Judicial Politics SOC   4/26/10
Political Science POLS W 3590 Political Change SOC   4/26/10
Political Science POLS W3630 Politics of International Economic Relations SOC   4/26/10
Political Science POLS W3631 American Foreign Policy SOC   4/26/10
Political Science POLS V 3675 Russia and the West CUL HIS 9/15/03
Political Science POLS W3514 European Union REA   2/12/02
Political Science POLS W3955 Chinese Politics SOC   4/26/10
Religion RELI V 2607 Indo-Tibetan Buddhism CUL REA 3/11/02
Religion RELI V 2660 Science & Religion, East & West CUL REA 9/22/03
Religion RELI V 2700 Religion and the Modern World SOC REA, CUL 1/26/04
Religion RELI V 3201 Intro to Hebrew Bible HIS REA 11/25/02
Religion RELI V 3306 Islamic Philosophy and Theology CUL   11/12/07
Religion RELI V 3525 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature LIT HIS 12/10/12
Religion RELI V 3650x Religion and the Civil Rights Movement SOC HIS 4/28/03
Religion RELI V 3798 Gift and Religion CUL SOC 9/25/06
Religion RELI W 4402 Shinto in Japanese History SOC   2/26/07
Religion RELI W 4721 Religion and Social Justice REA, SOC   2/26/07
Religion RELI W 4732 Job and Ecclesiastes REA   2/26/07
Slavic RUSS V 3400 Russia on the Hudson: Life and Culture in NYC CUL   3/11/02
Slavic RUSS W 4032x History of Russian Film LIT ART 4/23/01
Slavic RUSS W 4034 Lit., Politics and Tradition After Socialist Realism SOC LIT 5/8/00
Slavic RUSS W 4083 The Making of Socialist Realism SOC LIT 5/8/00
Sociology SOCI V 2310 Cultures of Colonialism CUL   10/19/09
Sociology SOCI BC 3901 The Sociology of Culture SOC CUL 11/25/02
Sociology SOCI V 3350 Religion and Social Change CUL REA, SOC 5/8/00
Spanish SPAN W 3300 Theater & Society in Contemporary Spain LIT   4/20/09
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies WMST BC 3513 Critical Animal Studies CUL EAV, SOC 11/26/12
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies WMST BC 3519 Sex Work and Sex Trafficking: Empowerment, Exploitation, and the Politics of Sex HIS   10/17/11