Public Safety for Campus Grounds and Buildings

 Public Safety Officers are assigned to various areas on campus regularly patrol both academic and residential buildings. Members of the community are encouraged to approach guards with questions or reports about crimes or emergencies.

The College also has yellow emergency call boxes throughout the campus which are to be used only for emergency communication with Barnard Public Safety.  When a call box is activated, a Public Safety Officer will be sent as swiftly as possible to that location. Some areas are also equipped with alarm buttons that immediately notify Public Safety .

When the College is in session, entrances to residence halls are staffed 24 hours a day by Desk Attendants, who monitor residents and guests. Students must present valid Barnard College/Columbia University I.D.'s to gain entrance to residence halls. A guest must leave proper identification after receiving a resident's permission to be admitted.

Procedures for events in public rooms in the residence halls are regularly reviewed by staff and student residence hall councils. Similarly, procedures and supervision schedules for events in McIntosh Center and other non-residential buildings are established by the College Activities office in consultation with the Public Safety Department and other relevant departments, and are reviewed by the College's Events Committee and the McIntosh Activities Council.

The Public Safety Advisory Committee, including students, faculty, and administrators, meets during the school year to discuss safety and security issues, including policies, procedures, and educational programs for crime prevention. Members of the community may make suggestions to the committee or to the Public Safety Department, and they are encouraged to do so.