Car Rental Procedures

Through the College’s membership with E&I Cooperative, Barnard College full-time faculty and staff can take advantage of the following car rental programs that are currently available for business and/or personal use. Please note that you should rent only when less expensive means of transportation are unavailable.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car (National Car Rental)


(877) 881-5500

(800) 227-7368

Enterprise Representatives

Joseph R. Kilgallen
(631) 737-9100

Diane Lazarich
(973) 709-2468

Enterprise now owns National Car Rental, so E&I Members will have access to vehicles through National Car Rental. Both companies offer a Flat Rate program that includes insurance in the rate so that the Member does not need to pay for additional coverage. The rates are very competitive and also have no deductable. Drivers age 21 and younger will need to use this program in order to rent a vehicle from Enterprise and National. This new contract also has a 5% discount program. The rates for this program are determined by the date, time and location of the rental. Drivers will receive a discount of 5% off the best rate available in the Enterprise or National Car Rental system at the time that the rental is booked. The discount does not apply to pre-established discount programs advertised by various means. This program will search the database for the best available rate and then apply the 5% discount so that your quoted price shows the discounted rate.

Hertz Rental Car

US Reservations: (800) 654-2200 or
International Reservations: (800) 654-3001

Hertz Representative

R. Allan Littlehale
(201) 307-2422

Hertz agrees to provide the following Rates and Discounts to E&I Members:

In the United States and Canada

  • 20% Discount on Hertz Daily Business Travel Rates in the United States for Car Classes A through F:
    • A - Economy
    • B - Compact
    • C - Mid-Size
    • D - Standard
    • F - Full Size
  • 10% Discount on Hertz Green Collection
  • 10% Discount on Hertz Standard Daily, Weekend, Weekly and Monthly Rates (All Car Classes)
  • 5% or Greater Discount on Hertz Leisure Daily, Weekend, Weekly and Monthly Rates (All Car Classes).
  • 5% Discount on Vehicle Promotional Rates.


  • Where such discounts are permitted by law, a 25% Discount in Europe and a 10% Discount on Published "Basic Time and Kilometer" Rates or Standard Unlimited Mileage ("SUM") Daily Rates.
  • 5% Discount on Hertz Affordable Europe non-prepaid Rates.
  • From time to time, Hertz may add discounts in specific countries subject to agreement by each country’s Hertz affiliate, licensee etc.