Testimonials from former HDs

Working as a Hall Director at Barnard has been such a profound experience for me! I have had the extraordinary opportunity to work amongst a staff of motivated and driven Resident Assistants. Our Barnard staff members are dedicated to the work that they do, and to bettering the lives of the members of our residential communities. In their personal lives, they are caring, talented, and extremely knowledgeable. Additionally, my colleagues have become some of my greatest friends. We empower and inspire each other in reaching our goals and making a difference in our own unique ways. It has been a pleasure working here, and an experience I will forever remember.
Ashley Stewart, Cathedral Gardens
I work with amazing and inspiring students on a daily basis! Being a Hall Director at Barnard has been a wonderful experience. Not only have I been able to touch the lives of the students at Barnard, they have also helped me to grow as a Hall Director and a residential life professional. I supervise a staff of 3 RAs and enjoy the bond that my team at 110th Street shares. 110th Street is definitely worth the walk and the RAs are phenomenal!
Amanda Washington, 110th
Being in this role is like no other. With the amazing support system and phenomenal team that you're working with, you really have it made. It's a position that's exciting and challenging, but always rewarding. I love it especially as it's the perfect compliment to my studies. I'm able to not only fulfill my duties as a Hall Director, but also exhibit all that I have learned in class in the world of residence life. If you're looking for a position that will accentuate your school schedule and grant you life long learning experiences, then you've found the right one.
Joshua Mackey, Plimpton Hall
My experience as a Hall Director at Barnard College is truly an invaluable one. Whether or not your main focus is in Higher Education or Student Affairs, you will gain immense skills applicable to all careers and opportunities throughout your life. Working in First Year Focus, I have learned more extensively the challenges of first year students beyond my own personal experiences; simultaneously while tremendously improving my supervisory practices directly managing 9, and indirectly guiding 19 Resident Assistants. Aside from my individual role, I work with an incredible team of Hall Directors, who are successful, continuously inspire me, and are a fabulous support system! I feel so fortunate to have a spectacular Associate Director, within a wonderful group of ADs, who helps to challenge me and grow in the position.
Eve Stern, First Year Focus
As a Hall Director, I am provided the opportunity to continuously develop as a professional. It is more than something that we do as a part time job while in graduate school. Being a Hall Director, in a sense, is a lifestyle. When on and off duty, the interactions you have with Barnard students are always insightful, engaging, and often times very amusing. Working with these young women is definitely a privilege. As a First Year Focus Hall Director, along with another Hall Director, we supervise 19 Resident Assistants. While challenging at times, there are many benefits to working with a group of women who are committed to creating an inclusive community where diversity prospers. I love working as a Hall Director and am honored to work at such a great institution like Barnard.
Awa Diaw, First Year Focus
I really do love working within Barnard's residence halls! Elliot Hall offers housing to upper-class women and Transfer students. My RAs are a diverse, talented, creative, and hardworking group of young women who strive to build a strong sense of community within the halls we serve. There is an ever growing understanding that we support young women who are on the cusp of their adulthood and independence; and thus our programming is deliberate and thoughtful so that we serve the needs of the women who live within these halls -- striving continually to make it a true home. As a Hall Director to this community, I am constantly growing, challenged by my RAs, AD, fellow HDs and myself to do better and bigger things. I love the opportunity and am very grateful to be here in this space and time.
Marcelle Mentor, Elliot Hall (& Transfer Time Program)
I am inspired everyday by the RAs I supervise both in the 600s and the Senior Experience (S|X) program. They are the most talented, intelligent, and confident young women I have ever met and I am continuously amazed by their maturity and development. I am also very fortunate to be part of a HD team that is made up of graduate students who are driven, motivated, and excited to make a different on campus and change the world.
Andrea DiMarco, 600s (& Senior Experience Program)
One of my favorite memories as a Hall Director has come from recent Riverside team bonding event in which each individual was randomly assigned a peer to design a personalized clipboard for. Only at Barnard would the clipboard designers not only create intentional and amazing works of art, but they additionally recognized and appreciated the potential friendships lying behind each new fact that they learned about their teammates. The experiences and individuals that I've encountered since joining Barnard have taught me much about both my strengths and areas for growth as a leader. From the dynamic and strong 600s RAs, I continue to learn the value of determination, empowerment, collaboration, and vulnerability. My fellow Hall Directors constantly inspire me by demonstrating that strong leadership comes in all different varieties, and despite our individual differences, we have much to learn from each others strengths. This position comes full circle with the honest support and encouragement that our entire team receives from our dedicated Associate Directors. In this past year, Barnard Residential Life and Housing's professional and student-staff team has truly become my family away from home.
Megan O'Toole, 600s
I work with motivated, confident, and intelligent young women who possess a strong desire to lead, achieve high academic success, and make their community better; they are also kind and compassionate. Supervising these students is a pleasure and an honor. In addition, I also have a strong and supportive team of HD peers from various disciplines who remind me of the greater academic world outside of my English Lit purview. I feel quite lucky to have this part-time job! I would recommend it to anyone with a dynamic and flexible attitude, a background in student life work, and a passion for working with students outside the classroom.
Omar Miranda, Hewitt / Sulz Tower