Campus Safety & Emergency Response

Campus Safety Information

Campus safety information and statistics can be found online at All residents are encouraged to program the Public Safety phone number, (212) 854-6666, into their phones.

Should the College be notified by a parent, family member, or friend that a Barnard student has not been seen or heard from, the College will follow established procedure and conduct a follow-up investigation within 24 hours of the original notification. If the student cannot be located after 24 hours (or sooner if circumstances warrant), the College will call the student’s Missing Person Contact (provided when students register each semester). Students are encouraged to let someone else in their residence hall or suite know if they are going to be away for any period of time.

Emergency Response

If an emergency arises (i.e. fire in a residence hall, bomb threat, national crisis, etc.), Residential Life & Housing staff will be on site to assist in disseminating information. When possible, students are encouraged to go immediately to their residence hall room to await pertinent information to be delivered by their RA or other residential life staff member. In the event it is not possible to return to a room, check the College website for the information regarding the current situation. In the event computers are inoperable, remain calm and seek out a safe location to await further instruction. Updated information will always be available at each residence hall front desk.

Fire Safety

All residents are required to familiarize themselves with and abide by the Fire Safety Information.

All persons are required to evacuate the residence hall when an alarm sounds; failure to do so is a violation of this policy. Causing a fire or a false fire alarm within a residence hall is prohibited.

Residence halls are equipped with fire safety equipment, including but not limited to fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. It is a violation of this policy to tamper with any fire safety equipment in the residence halls.