Lost Keys

Students who have lost their keys should go to the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger) for a replacement.  The charge for replacements is $30 per key, which will be charged to students' accounts (CU@BC students must pay in cash in advance at the Barnard Bursar Window at 015 Milank and then bring the receipt to the Res Life office to confirm payment).

Lock Outs

Students who are locked out of their room should go to their residence hall's front desk and request to borrow the spare "lock out" key.  They will be required to show their Student ID and sign a lock out key card.  Students must return the spare key within 15 minutes or may face replacement key charges. Excessive use of the emergency key is prohibited. Students who borrow the emergency key more than twice in one week, three times in one month, or six times in one semester may be required to meet with their Hall Director and/or Associate Hall Director.

Duplication or Misuse of Keys

Residence Hall keys are the property of the College and as such may not be duplicated or kept after a student vacates their room.  If a student is found to have duplicated their key(s) and/or failed to return their key(s) after vacating their room, the student will be billed for a lock change ($100) and the cost of replacing any keys for roommates/suitemates ($30 per key).  Students may additionally be subject to disciplinary action.

Students are not permitted to give their room key to any other person.  Students who are found to have given their key to another person may be billed for a lock change and/or subject to disciplinary action.