StarRez Housing Portal

Note: emails sent by the new Housing Portal will say "via" (because the portal is hosted online by Amazon). These emails are NOT spam and do come from thew new Housing Portal.

Having difficulty logging in to the Barnard StarRez housing portal?

To log in, you must use your Columbia University Network ID (UNI).

  • STUDENTS:  This is the first part of your Barnard email address without the (i.e. a combination of your intials and 4 numbers).
  • STAFF & FACULTY:  If you do not know your UNI, you may search for yourself in the Columbia Directory.  Note: you must have a StarRez account set up by Res Life in order to log in.

The password will be the password you specified when you set up your UNI. It may not be the same password you used when you set up your Barnard email account.

If you need to activate your UNI or change/reset your password, please visit  Please note that the Barnard Res Life Housing  cannot provide or change your password.