Tripartite Committees

Barnard Library and Academic Information Services Committee

Mission: The role of the Barnard Library and Academic Information Service Committee (BLAIS) is, “to assist in the planning of issues relating to the Library, academic computing, and information technology” at Barnard College (A Faculty Guide to Barnard College). In recent years, the committee has considered issues such as: the multiple uses of Courseworks, the pros and cons of an online course catalog versus a paper version, changes and modifications to eBear, the use of laptops in the classroom, and the L- course registration process.

Meetings: The committee meets three times each semester (once in October, November, and December during the Fall Semester, and once in February, March, and April during the Spring Semester).

Membership: The committee consists of a chair, the Dean of Library and Academic Information Services, and one faculty member from each of the four faculty voting groups in addition to two faculty members “at-large.”

The Dean of the College, the Associate Provost, the Director of Academic Technologies, and the Director of Management Information and Network Services sit on the committee.

Four students sit on BLAIS -- the Representative to the Engineering Student Council, who is elected by the members of SGA, and three appointed students, who serve one- year terms.

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Committee on Instruction (COI)

Mission: According to the Faculty Guide to Barnard College, the Committee on Instruction (COI) is, “The College’s principal formulator of educational policy.” In recent years, the COI has considered matters ranging from major modifications to the curriculum, such as changing General Education Requirements, to the application of the Barnard Honor Code in the classroom, to whether or not to grant a GER designation request for a particular course.

Meetings: This committee meets every other week.

Members: The committee is chaired by Patricia Denison, the Associate Provost. In addition to the chair, the committee consists of two faculty members from each of the four faculty voting groups, The Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, and the Registrar. The Dean of Library and Information Services and a representative from Development also attend.

Four students sit on the COI at any one time -- the Academic Affairs Representative, who is elected by the members of SGA for a one year term, and three appointed students, who serve two-year terms.

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Financial Advisory Committee (FAC)

Mission: The Financial Advisory Council (FAC) seeks a diverse group of students to serve on this advisory board. Student representatives of the FAC will serve as liaisons between Barnard students and the administration of the college on issues pertinent to financial decisions. The committee will aim to increase financial transparency as an advisory and discussion group to ensure that Barnard’s administration makes financial decisions that maximally benefits the student body. 

Meetings: This committee meets weekly.

Members: This committee is chaired by the Vice President for Finance. The committee also includes the Chief Operating Officer and student representatives selected through the appointments process.


Additional Information: The FAC also operates the Financial Information Exchange initiative (FIX)

Mission: FIX is brought to you by the Financial Advisory Council of the Student Government Association. The purpose of this initiative is two-fold. One, all members of the student body will have the opportunity to request financial information from the FAC that is relevant to their initiatives. Secondly, the FAC will advise as well as provide letters of support for initiative proposals. For more information about FIX< please visit the Finance Tab.


For more information about FIX please visit the Finance Tab.

Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board (SICB) 

Mission: The Sustainability Initiative Consulting Board (SICB) serves as the means by which students actively research and assess campus sustainability to maintain and/or improve this social commitment. It acts as a liaison between the student body and administration in these efforts. This committee is responsible for developing policies and building infrastructure to increase campus sustainability including but not limited to waste reduction, energy consumption, and water conservation. 

Membership: The committee is comprised of appointed students.



Internal Committees

Appointments Committee

Mission: The committee acts as an advisory committee to the SGA Representative Council, advising them on whom to appoint to SGA Representative Council, Class Council, and Committee positions. This is a secret committee; the identity of all members is kept anonymous in order to allow for critical and honest recommendations of candidates for SGA. This committee serves an incredibly valuable function as it helps to recommend the very people who serve on SGA and represent Barnard.

Committee Chair: Michelle Depardieu

Meetings: Committee meets bi-monthly.

Membership: Members are appointed in the Fall semester. Membership is confidential.

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Advisory Committees

Committee on Inclusion and Equity

Mission: The Committee on Diversity serves as the means by which students actively research, assess, and engage issues of diversity on campus. Students on this committee survey several areas of Barnard College, in particular, the student body, faculty, and administration, and present thoughtful and practical approaches to improving the dynamics of diversity in all facets of the College. The committee addresses issues of identity, surrounding, but not limited to, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, socioeconomic class, education, citizenship, and ability. The committee creates forums in which students can participate in meaningful and evocative discussions surrounding the above issues.

Meetings: The committee meets weekly.

Membership: The committee is comprised of appointed students. 


Food Advisory Board (FAB)

Mission: This committee serves as a liaison between the student body and the Office of Dining Services by addressing food-related matters that involve on-campus dining options.

Meetings: This committee meets once a week.

Membership: The committee is comprised of appointed students. 

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Housing Advisory Committee

Mission: The committee acts as an advisory committee to Residential Life and Housing on all issues related to Room Selection, Resident Advising System and residential resources. The committee discusses topics such as Sorority Housing, the Columbia and Barnard Housing Exchange, and the First-Year Focus Program.

Meetings: The committee meets weekly.

Membership: The committee is comprised of student representatives and the Director of Residential Life and Housing. The student membership includes up to 9 appointed students and the elected Student Government Representative for Student Services. This committee benefits from a diversity of students in the Barnard community. The Committee is co- chaired by the Representative for Student Services and an appointed member of the committee.

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Committee on Public Relations

Mission: The Committee on Public Relations (CPR) shall manage all strategic communications on behalf of Barnard SGA. This will involve handling the publicity of all SGA events (such as Town Halls, Fireside Chats, and an SGA day) and accomplishments through flyering, email, social media, and any mode of communication deemed fit. The Committee shall also update the SGA bulletin board periodically and create SGA promotional materials as necessary. 

Chair: Margot Langstaff | SGA Vice President for Communications

Meetings: This committee meets Wednesdays at 7PM.

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Committee on Arts and Culture

Mission: The Committee on Arts and Culture (COA) works to publicize the efforts of student artists and ensure that student artists are recognized and valued on campus. The Committee also seeks to incorporate art and culture into the lives of Barnard students. To achieve this mission, COA works with art-focused student groups, administrative offices and the Board of Trustees. COA will display student artwork in residence halls and buildings on campus through mural projects and exhibitions throughout the academic year. Additionally, the Committee on Arts will act as an “Art Liaison,” notifying students of art events and programs taking place around campus and in the New York City area. 

Chair: Linda Gordon |

Co-Chair: Madeleine Strait |

Meetings: The Committee meets once a week on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM. 


Student Health Advisory Committee

Mission: The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) serves as a liaison between the student body and Barnard Primary Health Services to address student health-related matters.

Meetings: SHAC meets once a week.

Membership: The committee is comprised of up to 15 appointed students. Ideally each of the students represents a certain population from the Barnard Community. The Director of Health services and the Director of Well-Woman attend the meetings on a bi- weekly basis.

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