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Majors & Programs in STEM Fields*




Computer Science

Environmental Science

Neuroscience & Behavior



Science & Public Policy (minor)


- Applied
- Sciences

-Barnard / School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Combined Plan


*Many offer further specialized majors or minors


The Office of the Dean of Studies is committed to supporting the academic planning and success, academic integrity, and well-being of all students and to supporting the teaching efforts of faculty members.
The Office supports those students interested in the STEM Fields in a variety of ways:

  • Assigning incoming students to pre-major advisors who are knowledgeable about STEM opportunities on campus
  • Tutoring and Help Room Support for STEM Students/Courses
  • Students interested in the health professions fields (Medical, Nursing, Dental, and Veterinary Schools, as well as optometry and physical therapy) work with our Associate Dean for the Pre-Health Professions Advising in regards to coursework and application process.
  • Students interested in pursuing STEM opportunities beyond the pre-health fields, including graduate degrees (MS, MPH, PhD, and PsyD), the Combined Plan with SEAS and graduate STEM fellowships and scholarships work with our Associate Dean for Pre-Professional Advising and Director of Fellowships

Help Rooms & Other Resources

The Dean of Studies keeps the schedules and locations for the help rooms available, including:

The Empirical Reasoning Center provides help with using statistical analysis programs and data visualization

Academic Support

See the Dean of Studies' site for all of the support options available to students, including Faculty and Staff support, Peer to Peer learning, and Online Resources