Co-curricular Opportunities

Organize a Student Club

Take advantage of all of the resources that the Governing Board at Barnard has to offer student organizations. See how to become an officially recognized club.

Student Groups

Barnard Student Life engages students in community and educational opportunities outside of the formal classroom through multiple programs and activities. We work to foster a sense of collective responsibility and ownership for our campus community, and to support students in exploring all that New York City has to offer.

Student Life staff advise student organizations recognized by the Governing Board at Barnard, which is dedicated to representing, advocating for, and recognizing clubs at Barnard College. GBB supports clubs’ efforts to promote student activity and learning outside of the classroom. GBB recognizes several clubs related to STEM fields, including:

The Barnard Chemical Society

The Barnard Chemical Society promotes fellowship among its members, encourages the social and academic advancement of student in Chemistry and the student body at large, and fosters an atmosphere of achievement and professionalism. They are an official student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society and received an ACS Honorable Mention Chapter Award in 2011-2012.


Barnard Quantitative Society

The Barnard Quantitative Society provides resources such as mentoring, program planning assistance and community to Barnard students majoring in mathematics, statistics, or computer science. Our objective is to keep Barnard students from changing out of these majors for lack of peers or fear that they are not capable of understanding the subject matter. We seek to program guest speakers, provide peer advising, organize extracurricular activities, and more. Additionally, we provide feedback to the administration on related development of college programming and services as to what we, as quantitative students, would find valuable. The hope of this organization is to enable more Barnard women to “major in unafraid” or even to take one quantitative course that they never thought they could handle.

Network for Pre-Medical Students

The Network of Pre-Medical Students is Barnard College’s official MAPS chapter. As a registered member of the Student National Medical Association, the organization supports and encourages a diverse group of students, especially students from underrepresented minority groups to pursue their endeavors in the medical field. We would like to enrich the academic, personal, and professional development of women by exploring pertinent issues in health care such as health disparities, the involvement of women in the field of medicine, and the challenges of work/life balance. Through our volunteer work, discussions, and panels, we hope to create the next generation of culturally competent female physicians committed to improving all aspects of medicine, including patient care in underserved communities.  

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Pre-Health Students Organization

The Pre-health Students Organization is committed to creating a network of support and opportunities for students interested in a broad range of health professions.

Barnard Roots

The Barnard Roots connect with students to build an environmentally responsible community at Barnard through peer-to-peer education and on-campus programming. We hope to inspire, educate, and activate all students to foster sustainability at Barnard. We are a group of passionate individuals, determined to improve and advocate for sustainability practices on Barnard College’s campus. We primarily focus on engaging with our peers in the hope of creating long-term sustainable lifestyle practices.

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Athena Digital Design | Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Our mission is to champion and inspire Barnard women on their journey into coding literacy through web development and then build that into a revenue-generating business. Participants begin by learning the fundamentals of web design to gain competitive skills in the new economy. Once they complete the introductory program, they can join the Athena Digital Design Agency, a student-run business that earns income by providing web design services to non-profits and businesses throughout New York. The program is advised and funded through Entrepreneurs@Athena, a project of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies. For more information, visit their website.

Columbia University Pre-Veterinary Society

The CU Pre-Vet Society brings together students interested in veterinary medicine and organizes events and speakers regarding animal welfare for Barnard and Columbia communities.



CU Groups

Barnard students also have the opportunity to participate in student organizations governed by Columbia boards. Visit the website for a listing of clubs. Please note that these groups are not advised by Barnard Student Life and some are more active than others. Students interested in participating should contact the groups directly. Example groups are:

Other Groups and Student-led Conversations

Informal groups of like-minded students often come together for support and discussion.

Association of Women in Mathematics

The Association of Women in Mathematics is a club that strives to bring women in mathematics together. AWM provides mentorship opportunities, fun activities, and guest speakers to Columbia undergrads from all 4 schools. In a math department dominated by men, AWM cultivates an environment in which women are welcome to pursue and enjoy their study of mathematics!


Gamma Iota Sigma

Gamma Iota Sigma is an international Actuarial Science, Insurance, and Risk Management Collegiate Fraternity. We host networking events with professionals in the industry as well as fellow students, technical workshops to learn valuable skills needed for a job in the Insurance field, and social events with other Gamma Iota Sigma chapters. Gamma Iota Sigma is open to undergraduate and graduate students, whether aspiring actuaries or yet unsure about their future career.


Psyched: The Barnard Psychology Society

The club is run by Barnard students under the faculty supervision of Professor Joshua New. The mission of Psyched is to provide a social environment in which students are provided relevant information to connect them with psychology faculty at Barnard College, promote the understanding of psychology as a human science, and provide students information relevant to graduate school, career opportunities, and research opportunities at Barnard College.