Accounts & Email

Systems overseen by Barnard

  • Your username and Barnard password will enable you to access multiple Barnard-oriented systems. One of these systems is myBarnard, Barnard's internal portal which is a source for announcements, forms, and student information, including course registration.
  • Additionally, your Barnard login information will allow you to access gBear, Barnard's email system, hosted by Google Apps for Education. This is your [UNI] email account.

Systems overseen by Columbia

  • Your username and Columbia password will enable you to access to your UNI accounts. These include SSOLCourseWorks and printing in both schools' computer labs.
  • Additionally, your Columbia login information will allow you to access your CubMail account, which is your  [UNI] email account.

Usernames for all accounts are the same, but passwords for the two schools are managed separately.

If you have questions regarding information another department has asked you to submit via myBarnard, please contact that department for information.