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Google Apps for Education


Welcome to Barnard's Google Apps for Education information website. Here you will find information about Barnard's implementation of Google Apps for Education to date, as well as Barnard's future plans to implement its services at the College. These applications, collectively termed gBear, include email (gBear Mail), calendars (gBear Calendar), and contacts (gBear Contacts). 

Why is Barnard moving email to Google Apps for Education?

1. Google Apps for Education offers 15 times more email storage space than Barnard does.

2. Google email search allows you to find old emails quickly (especially when you can't recall who sent it or when you received it).

3. Calendars are integrated with email, so you can maintain your schedule and allow others to see when you are free or busy.

Which applications will be available?

Mail, Contacts, and Calendar will be available initially. Read more about the supported applications.

For more information and documentation, see: