Queer Central Committee and Diversity Resources

Queer Central Committee

The Queer Central (Q.C.) Committee is a working group of Barnard administrators, faculty, and students. This collective meets on a monthly basis to discuss campus issues, general climate, and support/resources that are available to self-identified LGBTQA members Barnard community.

Who are the members of Queer Central? How are they selected?

Q.C. Committee members represent a variety of campus departments/ offices, student organizations, and committed faculty. By gathering a diverse group, we strive to maintain an accurate view of LGBTQA campus climate through representation and imput from different parts of the College.

Current Q.C. members:

  • Anna Jonas ( Barnard Center for Research on Women, Program Coordinator)
  • Faith Rusk (Alumnae Affairs, Assistant Director)
  • Gillian Scott-Ward ( Furman Counseling Center, Staff Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator)
  • Jessica Cannon ( Well Women, Director)
  • Joyce Lewandowski ( Orientation and Activities/Student Life, Director)
  • Matt Kingston (Residential Life & Housing, Associate Director)
  • Nanette DiLauro (Financial Aid, Director)
  • Pamela Phayme (Diversity Initiatives/ Student Life, Director)
  • Paul Scolieri (Dance, Associate Professor)
  • Rachel Tannenbaum ( Barnard Career Development, Associate Director)


How can I get involved?

For more information about Queer Central or to get involved- please email StudentLife@barnard.edu.

Diversity Resource Room

The Diversity Resource Room is the home of Diversity Initiatives' ever-expanding print and media library! Stop by to view the "What We're Reading" display, listen to international music, or gather information about various campus opportunities which are posted on our "Happenings" board! To view the books and materials available in the Resource Room, please see our online catalog. Barnard students* are permitted to check-out the library materials for 48 hours. For more information about library materials or check out procedures, please contact us at diversity@barnard.edu.


*Barnard students must be enrolled as a full-time in order to access resource room materials.


Student Government Association Committee on Diversity

The Committee on Diversity serves as the means by which students actively research, assess, and engage issues of diversity on campus. Students on this committee survey several areas of Barnard College, in particular, the student body, faculty, and administration, to present thoughtful and practical approaches to improving the dynamics of diversity in all facets of the College. The committee addresses issues of identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, socioeconomic class, education, citizenship, and ability. Working both independently and with support from the Office of Diversity Initiatives, this group seeks to create opportunities for students to meaningfully engage and discuss the above issues. For more information please email the Student Government Association at sga@barnard.edu.