Glicker-Milstein Theatre

Theatre Specifications:


The Glicker-Milstein Theatre is approximately 50’ X 34’ and can accommodate an audience size between 75 – 110 persons depending on seating configuration. Seating configurations include ‘Proscenium’ - 75 Persons, ‘In the Round’ - 85 Persons, ‘Thrust’ - 95 Persons and ‘Floor Only’- 110 Persons. 

The Glicker-Milstein Theatre is equipped with a theatrical lighting system with over a hundred standard instruments installed on the lighting grid. A repertory plot including channels is available upon request. The theatre is also equipped with acoustical wall panels and a sound system that provides exceptional coverage of the theatre space. In addition to the lighting and sound equipment, the GMT has a projector and automated screen that is ideal for presentations or screening movies.

Support spaces for the GMT include the theatre lobby, men and women’s dressing rooms, the Prop room, the GMT Shop/Storage space and the use of the Dasha Epstein Theatre Lab/Green Room during performances.


For more information regarding the Glicker-Milstein Theatre, including schedules and technical fees, please feel free to contact the Theatre Coordinator, Michael C. Abamont at