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Being Barnard LEADERS

As student leaders, we believe that it's important for you all to have the resources and knowledge to serve as a support system for your members and those around you in our community. GBB has been working closely with the Student Life Staff and the Associate Dean of Equity and Title IX Coordinator to create a sexual violence response training session that provides these resources and also meets the requirements of the new New York State law. These sessions will be facilitated by the Student Life staff. 

ALL executive board members of a GBB club or organization (regardless of school, i.e. CC, SEAS, Baranrd, GS) are REQUIRED to attend at least one session. You do not all have to attend the same session as a baord, but are welcome to if you like! (For CC and SEAS students, we are still working on gaining approval for this session to satisfy your sexual violence response requirement.) Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in your financial accounts being frozen until all exectuvive board members have attended one session. 

**For those who attended Being Barnard LEADERS last year and would like to attend a different workshop, there will be a special session on Sunday, February 19 from 3:00-4:00 pm. This session is only open to those who particiapted in Being Barnard LEADERS last year **

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Opportunity to advertise through Barnard Student Life

If student clubs and organizations want Student Life to advertise an upcoming program or event, they can submit their requests through our Social Media Advertising Request Form. The three main guidelines are:

  • Social Media Advertising Request form must be received at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Student club/organization must be recognized and in good standing its governing board in order to apply.
  • Program, event, or activity should be open to Barnard students