Annual Information Session

SRI Eligibility Requirements

All Barnard students are eligible to participate in the 2018 Summer Research Institute, irrespective of whether their major is in the sciences or another discipline. Other eligibility requirements are as follows: 


Students must be enrolled during the spring semester.  Those on approved study leave during the spring term or who intend to go on approved study leave in the fall are also eligible.

 Students who have withdrawn from Barnard before or during the spring semester are not eligible.  Those who have withdrawn for the fall prior to the beginning of the program are not eligible.

Academic Standing

Students must be in good academic standing during the spring semester.  Previous semester and cumulative GPA’s at least 2.00.  Satisfactory academic progress required: sophomore standing = minimum 24 points; junior standing = minimum 52 points; senior standing = minimum 86 points.

Conduct Standing

Students must be in good conduct standing and maintain that standing throughout the 10 weeks of the program by observing Residential Life policies and the Student Code of Conduct, as laid out in the Barnard Student Handbook:

Financial Standing

In order to be admitted to the SRI program, students must have their College bills paid in full.

To learn how to identify a mentor and apply for internships, plan to attend our annual information session.


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