Director’s Interviews

Peter Connor with Arvind Mehrotra

Center Director Peter Connor conducts a series of interviews about translation with Barnard College affiliates and visitors to campus.

Interview of April 7, 2012, with poet and translator Johannes Görannson on his experience of the translation process, bilingualism and poetry, violence and art, Swedish cultural myths, and much more (link to YouTube, 44:31 minutes), along with his readings (3:41 minutes) from the work of poet Aase Berg.

Interview of March 30, 2012, with author, translator and BC alumna Lynne Sharon Schwartz (link to YouTube, 32:05 minutes) about her translations of Italian authors Natalia Ginzburg and Liana Millu, and about her new volume of poetry, See You in the Dark (Northwestern University Press, 2012), from which she reads her translations (3:02 minutes) of Catullus and Verlaine.

Interview of March 29, 2012, with poet, novelist and translator Serge Gavronsky, who retires from Barnard College this year after a 50-year career in the French Department (link to YouTube, 31:16 minutes); and readings (6:27 minutes) from the poetry of Joseph Guglielmi and Joyce Mansour, and from his own work.

Interview of February 24, 2012, with translator Elizabeth Clark Wessel about current trends in Swedish poetry, and on her own translations of the verse of Anna Hallberg (link to YouTube; 24:37 minutes).

Check back soon for more interviews.


Photo by Bo Campot/Sara Cohn, Columbia Photography Association