Diversity & Inclusion


At the heart of Barnard's mission

Barnard’s vibrant community crosses boundaries of background and identity to find shared experiences and to open minds. Voicing opinions, no matter how singular or strong, is the essence of our culture, and respecting the unfamiliar is a challenge we embrace. After all, the College was founded, in great part, because women were excluded from receiving the same rigorous liberal arts education available to men. Over our 125-year history, we have broadened our original commitment to inclusion, diversity, and social responsibility so that no matter where our students come from or where they are heading, they share a boundless passion for learning inspired by our unique and distinguished faculty.

Barnard College believes that supporting diversity is both an individual and institutional responsibility that we must practice every day. We come together to ensure that members of the community feel safe and valued and have the opportunity to collaborate and create understanding.  It is our hope that we can all remain invested in this process.

A Women's College

“Barnard women” is a term used when communicating generally about the students and generations of alumnae who, collectively, are Barnard. This term acknowledges our historic and ongoing status as a women’s college, which was reaffirmed when the Board of Trustees voted in 2015 to begin admitting transgender women and continue the use of gendered language.  However, when communicating one-on-one, we expect that members of our community will respect all identities and use the pronouns identified or expressed by individuals. Barnard continues to be proud of being a women's college and for the diversity that exists within our community.




Student Voices


After Graduation

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