What Is BSAC?


In 2017, Barnard’s Presidential Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion released a set of recommendations to the administration and Board of Trustees, including the formation of a staff council to provide a more formal mechanism for communication between all levels of staff and the senior leadership of the College.

From September 2017 through March 2018, a group of College staff, invited to participate at the recommendation of their department heads, met regularly as a steering committee to create the framework for the newly created Barnard Staff Advisory Council. Many of these initial participants then chose to serve as Council members. Moving forward, members will rotate off the Council after a period of 12-18 months of service, at which point new members will be chosen.



BSAC is the advisory body of the staff of Barnard College and advocates for the staff members’ interests as stakeholders at Barnard College. Specifically, the objectives of BSAC shall be to:

  • Provide a channel of communication between staff and the President and administration;
  • Provide referrals for concerns to appropriate College resources or administrators;
  • Conduct regular public meetings, forums, surveys, etc., to exchange information and determine topics of staff interest;
  • Promote a sense of community through initiatives to enhance the staff experience.

BSAC is not a forum for any discussion of any employee grievances, wages, hours of employment, benefits, bonuses, health and safety rules, health care coverage, employment policies or any topic related to the terms and conditions or that are covered by any Collective Bargaining Agreement with the College.

View our bylaws.



BSAC meetings typically take place on the second Monday of each month, from 12:00-1:00pm. If you would like to attend, please email bsac@barnard.edu to RSVP.

The next open meeting, where all staff are invited to attend and hear about ongoing and new Council initiatives, will be Monday, June 10. Please email bsac@barnard.edu to RSVP so we can ensure adequate seating.

Meeting Minutes: