Student Life and Activities

Campus Events and Traditions

Students are empowered beyond the residence halls to create events that further community building. Annually, student organizations like Macintosh Activities Council (McAC), the Student Government Association (SGA), and other organizations sponsor lectures, concerts, recitals, plays, films, and other events.

Some of these events are smaller scale; others involve the entire Columbia community. NOMADS (New and Original Material Authored and Directed by Students), the EcoReps, Bacchante (women's a cappella), WBAR (Barnard's independent radio station), Smart Women Lead (political action), Q (queer community), Mujeres (our Latina cultural organization), and the Black Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS) are a few examples of the Barnard organizations that host campus events. Other student-hosted events, such as Midnight Breakfast, Spirit Day, and Founder's Day, have become beloved annual traditions.

Overall, Barnard strikes a great balance. Our adventurous and independent-minded students thrive on the energy of New York City, but can relax amidst a welcoming green space, and a friendly, engaging and close-knit campus community.

Extracurricular Activities

Barnard women have access to more than 80 clubs and organizations on our campus alone. Add to this list the hundreds of additional dually recognized clubs with members from both the Barnard and Columbia campuses provided for through our longstanding partnership with the University and the friendships developed among students on either side of Broadway. Student groups include theatre and vocal music groups, academic and pre-professional organizations, ethnic and cultural organizations, language clubs, community service groups, and yearbook and literary magazine staffs. The Barnard student news magazine, the Barnard Bulletin, is published monthly.