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Welcome to the Center for Accessibility Resources & Disability Services! Registration with our office is open to any Barnard student living with a disability, be it temporary or permanent, visible or invisible. Disabilities include, but are not limited to, vision impairments, hearing loss/deafness, mobility impairments, chronic illnesses, learning disabilities/ADD, psychiatric disabilities, and substance abuse/recovery.

CARDS provides a wide variety of individualized support services for registered students (examples may include assistance in obtaining specialized equipment, test accommodations, academic coaching, etc.), as well as working with various campus constituencies regarding access for individuals with disabilities.

If you are a Barnard student with a disability, we encourage you to register with us, even if you are not sure whether you'll need accommodations. Registration with CARDS is confidential and can serve as a type of "insurance policy" for you in the event of a flare-up or other disability-related need.


Information about Accommodation Plans

The Center for Accessibility Resources & Disability Services offers housing and academic accommodations for students with qualified documentation. The types of accommodations vary based on the person's need. When students register with us, we engage in an interactive process with them based upon their specific situation. As a result, we may implement an individualized accommodation plan for the student to allow them access to their educational program(s).

Please note that accommodation plans are not intended to be retroactive, so we can only set up accommodations for your classes or exams after you have your intake meeting with us. It is important to register with CARDS early in the semester to use your accommodations for all your coursework.


Accessing AIM

CARDS has an online database, AIM, which allows students to submit their accommodation requests each semester, schedule exams with CARDS, and gain access to notes from approved notetakers. 

Access AIM here:


Timeline for academic accommodation requests

Students may register throughout the semester, however, no intake meetings are conducted during the final exam period unless a student has a brand new diagnosis that emerged within the final two weeks of the semester. It's imperative that CARDS has at least two weeks prior to final exams to get accommodations set up for students. Though we cannot meet with students during final exam period, we are happy to meet with students interested in registering with our office after the end of exams.    


Required check-in procedure for academic accommodation requests

Students registered with CARDS must check-in each semester with CARDS staff either via an in-person meeting or via our online AIM database to set up accommodations for their classes. CARDS will send faculty members students' Faculty Notification Letters, which notify faculty of the specific accommodations students have requested for their courses, electronically both via email and the AIM Instructor Portal. We will also print an accommodation agreement form for the student to pick up and take to their faculty members to sign, whereby faculty indicate that they are aware of the student's plan and will accommodate. Students will be notified when their accommodation agreement forms are ready for pick-up at the CARDS office. Students may reach out to faculty in person or via email to notify them of their accommodation plan. The accommodation agreement form must be signed by all faculty members and returned to CARDS in order for us to implement a student's academic accommodations for the semester. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!