What is the SRI?

SRI Students work directly with Faculty mentors at Barnard College and farther afield

ATTENTION: The Lida Orzeck '68 Summer Research Institute Poster Session is this Wednesday, July 31st in the Diana Center Event Oval and Glicker-Milstein Theater. Student participants are expected to arrive at 9 AM to set up their posters, and the program will commence at 10 AM, and end at 12:30 PM. Lunch will be served in the Event Oval.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

Here is a timeline of the 2019 Program, including the Application Process

The SRI is a 10-week program for Barnard students who want to conduct scientific research during the summer. Students work directly with a mentor at Barnard College, Columbia University, or other institutions. The SRI provides a common experience for students, providing additional training and opportunities to build skills, along with faculty lectures, alumnae panel discussions, social events, and more. The summer concludes with a capstone Poster Session, where students present the progress of their research. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 10 weeks of research. Any missed time must be discussed in advance with the faculty mentor, to determine whether this will be made up in missed pay or additional work in the lab.

The Following Academic Departments and Programs Select SRI Students

  • Biology  (Faculty Representative: Professor Jon Snow)
  • Chemistry (Faculty Representative: Professor Andrew Crowther)
  • Environmental Science (Faculty Representative: Professor Brian Mailloux)
  • Neuroscience & Behavior (Faculty Representative: Professor Liz Bauer)
  • Physics and Astronomy (Faculty Representative: Professor Reshmi Mukherjee)
  • Psychology (Faculty Representative: Professor Koleen McCrink)

Finding a Research Mentor

To participate in SRI, students must identify a research mentor in whose lab they will work over the summer. It is each student’s responsibility to contact faculty, discuss the possibility of working in their lab, and secure confirmation of faculty interest. Each academic department at Barnard makes decisions about student participation in SRI. If your research mentor is not a Barnard faculty member, you will also need to identify an internal mentor (i.e., a Barnard science faculty member). Each department has specific instructions on how to participate in their labs.

If you have questions about how to identify a faculty mentor, please contact the SRI faculty representative in your department.

Funding for SRI Research

In 2019, students selected to participate in SRI will receive a stipend of $5,250 for their research. Funding is provided by grants, external faculty mentors, alumnae donors, the Office of the Provost, and others. Students interested in working in an external lab must ask whether their mentor can provide partial or full funding.

While there may be some variability in the timeline of your payments, 2019 student participants in SRI will generally receive a stipend of $5,250 (before taxes). Please note that the net amount of your stipend – that is, minus taxes – will vary from student to student. Students pay for housing out of their stipend. Work with Beyond Barnard to fill out your payroll paperwork to make sure you understand the process.

PLEASE NOTE: SRI aims to fund as many students as possible, but funding is not guaranteed until you receive formal notice of your acceptance to SRI. All candidates for SRI will receive a decision in April. Please direct questions about funding to the Barnard faculty representative in your department.

Access to Subsidized Housing

All students selected to participate in SRI have access to subsidized on-campus housing. If you require on-campus housing during SRI, you must complete the necessary housing application process in mid-April. Details about rates and deadlines are typically posted in Spring Semester to help you make decisions. Information will be found on Residential Life’s website and the deadlines are very strict.

For questions about the Summer Research Institute (SRI) or how to participate in the program, please email sri@barnard.edu.