Office of the Provost & Dean of the Faculty

The Provost and the Dean of the Faculty is the College's chief academic officer and carries out responsibilities central to the performance of the College's mission, ensuring that the liberal arts education offered to its undergraduates meets the highest standards of quality. To this end, the Office of the Provost serves the Barnard faculty and supports their excellence in scholarship, teaching, service, and governance.

The Provost is responsible for the development and administration of all instructional programs, academic affairs, and academic policies of the College. She oversees forty academic departments and programs, the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services, and the Barnard Center for Research on Women.  She also recommends to the Barnard President all nominations for appointment to the Faculty, and develops and implements the academic budget. In addition, the Provost is the academic liaison with appropriate counterparts at Columbia University.


Recent Faculty News

Honors and Other News

Prof. Moya interviewed in article entitled, "What do Trump and Maduro have in common?"


Prof. Romeo and Aoki '78 co-edit Brain Research volume entitled "Adolescence as a Critical Period for Developmental Plasticity."

Honors and Other News, Book

Prof. Schwartzman's book See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded is the second in her series.

Honors and Other News, Book

Prof. Matar's memoir The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between narrates his emotional struggle with his father's disappearance at the hands of the Libyan regime.


Prof. Hintz discusses Turkish politics and possible solutions to conflict with the Kurds.