Provost & Dean of the Faculty

The Office of the Provost serves the Barnard faculty and supports their excellence in scholarship, teaching, service, and governance. As the College’s chief academic office, the Provost and Dean of the Faculty ensures that the liberal arts education offered to Barnard undergraduates meets the highest standards of quality.

The Office is responsible for all instructional programs, academic affairs, and academic policies of the College; oversees forty academic departments and programs, the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS), the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW), the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, the Design, Digital Humanities, Empirical Reasoning, Sloate Media, and Vagelos Computational Science centers, Movement Lab, and Center for Engaged Pedagogy; recommends to the Barnard President all nominations for appointment to the faculty; and develops and implements the academic budget. In addition, the Provost is the academic liaison with Columbia University.


Recent Faculty News

Book & Journal

With parents in mind, the book focuses on short-term and long-term goals, providing laboratory evidence showing that short-term performance does not always lead to long-term knowledge. It also brings awareness of illusions that some parents might have. 

Book & Journal

Barnard publishes two pieces of work, an essay entitled "When Blindness Makes for Sight" and co-edited a book entitled "Bhakti and Power: Debating India's Religion of the Heart."

Honors and Other News

Adjunct Professor Chiz Schultz receives 2019 Peabody Award for Best Documentary. 

Award Grant Fellowship, General

This spring, the College and Barnard faculty members were honored with research grants to support the arts, economics, and STEM, enabling them to conduct new or continuing research, or to collaborate with other institutions.