Move In (2017-2018)

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Check-In Dates, Times, and Locations

New First Year Students

Residence hall check-in for First Year Students is Sunday, August 27, 2017, in the Barnard Hall Lobby (regardless of which residence hall you are assigned to). Some international students who fit into specific categories may be invited to participate in a special pre-Orientation Program by the Office of International & Intercultural Student Programs.

Students should arrive to check-in based on the floor of their room assignment. As 600 students will be moving in on the same day, we ask that students and families abide by the move-in time provided. We are unable to accommodate any requests to move-in or drop off items in rooms earlier than the FY Move-In day.

Floor Check In Time on Sunday, August 27, 2017
Floors 7 & 8 Arrive between 8am and 9am
Floors 5 & 6 Arrive between 9am and 10am
Floors 3 & 4 Arrive between 10am and 11am
Floor 2 Arrive between 11am and 12noon

An updated 2017 move-in letter will be posted in early August, but for now you can review last year's 2016 FYF Move-In Newsletter (PDF).

Information about and schedules for the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) is available at If you have questions about Orientation, please contact For more new student housing information, visit

* If you will be living on floors 3-7 of Brooks Hall or floors 3-7 of the north side of Sulzberger and will be arriving by car, we encourage you to unload your belongings on the sidewalk of 116th St (south of campus) or Claremont Avenue (west of Hewitt Hall) instead of Broadway (see map). After checking in & getting your rooms keys from Barnard Hall, you will be able to move in your belongings through the back entrance to Hewitt Hall on Claremont Avenue.


New Transfer & Visiting Students

Fall 2017 Check-In is available Monday, August 28, 2017, 9am-12noon

All students will check-in in the Barnard Hall Lobby (regardless of which residence hall you are assigned to.
Spring 2018 Spring Visiting International Student Program (VISP) only:
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 (10am-5pm)

Spring Transfer & Visiting Students only:
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 (10am-1pm)

All students will check-in in the Barnard Hall Lobby (regardless of which residence hall you are assigned to).

Information about and schedules for the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) is available at If you have questions about Orientation, please contact For more new student housing information, visit

Please note that early check-ins are unfortunately not available.


Continuing & Readmitted Students

Fall 2017

Residence Hall Check-In for continuing students (including readmitted students, students returning from study abroad, etc.) will be 9am-5pm on Saturday, Sunday, & Monday, September 2-4, 2017

Check In will take place in the lobby or in front of each residence hall. Students in the 600s will check-in in front of 616 W 116th St.

** If you are living in Plimpton and planning to arrive on Saturday, September 2, to check in, please note that students living on odd-numbered floors are strongly encouraged to arrive before 1pm and students living on even-numbered floors are encouraged to arrive after 1pm.

The Columbia ID Center (Kent Hall) will be open 9am-5pm on Saturday, September 3 for students who lost their IDs over the summer. Their office will be closed on Sunday & Monday, September 4 & 5, and will reopen on Tuesday, September 6. Please see their website for hours.

Spring 2018 Continuing students (including readmitted students, students returning from study abroad, etc.) who are new to campus housing for the Spring will be be able to start moving in after 9am on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

Students will need to show their Student ID to their residence hall Front Desk in order to get their key packet. 

If you will be moving into a Columbia residence hall, please see for check-in information. Columbia students living in Barnard residence halls are subject to the move-in dates above.


Early Check-Ins

Early Check-In permission is only granted to students directly involved with NSOP (Orientation). Please visit for more information.

Unfortunately, early check-ins for personal reasons are not available.


Late Check-Ins

The Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger) will be open for late check-ins from 9am-5pm on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.
If you arrive on campus after 5pm on Saturday/Sunday/Monday, please go directly to your residence hall front desk. If you do not have a roommate or suitemate who is able to let you into your room, you are permitted the courtesy of a one-time entrance into your room/suite -- you will need to show your Student ID in order to check out the Emergency Lock Out key (for up to 15 minutes only) so that you may unlock your room. You will then need to officially check-in the next day (see dates/times/locations above) in order to complete your paperwork & sign for your keys.
Please note that we cannot issue your room keys to anyone besides yourself (ex. friends or family).
In order to retain your room assignment, you are required to complete your check-in by 5pm on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. If a later check-in is necessary, this must be arranged prior to that date/time by contacting to explain your requested late check-in. If you fail to complete check-in or coordinate late check-in by September 6, you may forfeit your room assignment.


Campus Map & Directions

* Measurements on residence hall floor plans are approximate. We encourage you to refrain from purchasing and/or cutting carpets, drapes. etc. until you move into your room and take exact measurements.


Unloading & Parking

The area in front of each residence hall is reserved for unloading only.

Please do not leave your car double parked without someone in it. Unattended and/or double parked cars block others from accessing the buildings and may be ticketed or towed by NYPD.

For a list of parking garages and rates, please visit

A limited number of carts will be available for use from the front desk of each residence hall. A photo ID is required to borrow a cart for one hour.


Recommended / Prohibited Items in the Residence Halls

Please consult this list for recommended and prohibited items. Save yourself room in your car, suitcase, etc, by leaving things behind that are not allowed!

Because space is tight, we encourage students to bring only the essentials. It's easier to purchase needed items after you move in than bringing too many belongings with you and not having room to storage them. Additionally, we encourage you to refrain from purchasing and/or cutting carpets, drapes. etc. until you move into your room and take exact measurements.


Sending Packages & Mail

All students receive their mail & packages* at Student Mail Services in Altschul (students keep their mailbox all 4 years). Mail & packages must not be addressed to the student's building & room number (they will be returned to sender).

Please note that Student Mail Services will not accept any packages or mail for students until 3 days before a student's check-in day. For example, packages & mail for First Year students will be accepted starting Thursday, August 24, 2017 (or on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, for returning students ). If you are sending items via the mail, UPS, FedEx, etc; please instruct them not to deliver the packages until that date or later.

The Student Mail Room will be open for First Year Check-In on Sunday, August 27, 2017, from HOUR TBA. The Mail Room will also be open for Returning Student Move-In on Saturday & Sunday, September 2 & 3, from HOURS TBA (and will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 4).

For more information about packages and mail (including how to find out your mailbox number and combination) and the schedule for the Student Mail Room, please visit

* Students in Cathedral Gardens ONLY may receive packages (not mail) at CG (more information).

Columbia students living in Barnard residence halls must use their Lerner Hall Mailbox for mail and/or packages.


Summer Storage

If you stored items over the summer with, the company will bring boxes to campus for pick up on DATE/TIME TBA. They will be lined up against the Main Campus Gate on Broadway, with boxes in alpabetical order.

Please make sure that you bring your Student ID with you to pick up your boxes. If you wish to arrange for another person to pick up your belongings or your have other questions or issues, please contact directly at or 516-729-5169 to make alternate arrangements.


Go Green! (Have an Environmentally-Friendly Move-In)

The College and Residential Life & Housing are committed adopting sustainable practices. Help us save the environment by planning a "Green" move-in!

  • Get rid of stuff before you move it! You will have a limited amount of space in your room, so bring only the essentials to make your move lighter and more energy efficient.
  • Instead of buying brand new cardboard boxes, ask your local liquor, grocery, hardware, or dry goods store for boxes. Or, use reusable plastic tubs.
  • Instead of packing your boxes with newspaper or bubblewrap, use your towels or bed linens.
  • After moving in, break down your boxes and put them in the recycle bin (in the Quad, take them to the basement); or better yet, flatten them and save them or send them home for a future move!

For more information about recycling and "being green" on-campus, visit


Refrigerator Rentals (Quad & Elliott)

If you would like to rent a refrigerator for your room, check out Collegiate Storage & Rental. Renting a fridge instead buying one means you don't have to worry about finding a place to store it for the summer or taking it back home.

The maxium allowable refrigerator size is 3.5 cubic feet.

Elliott residents: please note that only the smaller cube refrigerator fits into the special fridge alcove in your room. If you wish to rent a larger refrigerator, we encourage you to wait until after you move-in to see if you will have the floor space available for it.


Computers in the Residence Halls

Computer labs are provided in the Quad, 616, and Plimpton Halls and in academic buildings (Lab locations).

For information about connecting to the internet from your residence hall room, visit Student Computing.


Nearby Hotels for Parents / Families

For hotel information and reservation links, visit