Grade Grievance Procedure

A student who believes that there is evidence to support a claim of an unfair course grade should discuss the claim with the appropriate Class Dean. In consultation with the Class Dean, the student's next step is to approach the instructor to discuss the grade (if such a discussion already took place, evidence of said discussion, in the form of documentation, will be required). 

If the instructor gives reasons for not changing the student's grade before the grievance process is formally initiated, and if the student and the instructor cannot reach an agreement, the student then provides a formal letter, with relevant documentation attached, and proof of conversation with the instructor, to the Dean of Studies.

The Dean of Studies provides this information to the Dean of the College and the Provost, who may require further conversation with or information from the faculty instructor.

The Dean of the College, the Provost, and the Dean of Studies then confer to determine if a grade change is reasonable. Students are notified by the Dean of Studies once a determination has been reached.

Grade grievances cannot be appealed. 

To schedule an appointment with your Class Dean, visit the Meet with the Deans page on the Dean of Studies website.