Fall 2014

Fall 2014

The Way We Were

What was it like to be a Barnard student 25, 50—even 100 years ago? We dug deep into the photo archives and found pictures of campus life dating as far back as 1912. See this slideshow for scenes of studying and socializing through the decades. (At left, students gather by the fireplace in Brooks Hall in 1946.)

President's Page: Behind the Headlines

Usually, fall letters from college presidents are full of the typical fall joys: the trees, the leaves, the newly enrolled students and returning faculty. And we have all of these on campus indeed. But there’s something else on campus this year; something that’s not so beautiful at all. Something that needs to be discussed and named and analyzed, even at the risk of inviting controversy and criticism.


Through The Gates: Bridging the Gender Pay Gap

For women, equal pay for equal work is an achievable but still unrealized goal.

Through The Gates: The Economics of Happiness

Exploring how satisfaction with life relates to work, well-being, and decision making.

Through The Gates: A Summer of Science

The remarkable first year of Barnard's Summer Research Institute.

The Salon: From Screen To Page—And Page To Screen

Amy Talkington is a screenwriter who’s also an author. Or an author who’s also a screenwriter. She envisions her first novel, Liv, Forever (Soho Press, 2014), one day appearing on the screen.

Celebrating Barnard's Artists

In honor of the College's 125th anniversary, two members of the Class of 2013 curate an exhibition of contemporary alumnae artists.

Back to the Garden

Barnard’s writer-in-residence reflects on what has changed—in the neighborhood and in herself—since she last lived in Morningside Heights.