Celia E. Naylor

Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies

Selected Publications

African Cherokees in Indian Territory: From Chattel to Citizens (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press 2008, John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture).

“‘Playing Indian’?: The Selection of Radmilla Cody as Miss Navajo Nation 1997-1998.” In Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds: The African Diaspora in Indian Country. Eds. Tiya A. Miles and Sharon P. Holland. Durham: Duke University Press, 2006, 224-248.

“Rethinking Race and Culture in the Early South,” Ethnohistory 53:2 (Spring 2006): 399-405 [co-authored with Claudio Saunt, Barbara Krauthamer, Tiya A. Miles, and Circe Sturm].

“African Americans in Indian Societies.” In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 14 Southeast. Volume Ed. Raymond Fogelson. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 2004, 753-759 [co-authored with Tiya A. Miles].

“‘Born and Raised among These People, I Don’t Want to Know Any Other’: Slaves’ Acculturation in Nineteenth-Century Indian Territory.” In Confounding the Color Line: The Indian-Black Experience in North America. Ed. James F. Brooks. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2002, 161-191.

Academic Focus: 

Introduction to the African Diaspora
Introduction to African-American History
Remembering Slavery: Critiquing Modern Representations of the Peculiar Institution
Slave Resistance in the United States: From the Colonial Era to the Civil War (Africana Studies)
Black Feminism(s)/Womanism(s) and “Black Sexual Politics” in Contemporary U.S. Popular Culture (Africana Studies)

Awards & Honors: 

Dartmouth College, Jack E. Thomas 1974 Family Fellowship, 2008-2009.

Dartmouth College, John M. Manley Huntington Teaching Award for Newly Tenured Faculty, July 2008.

Dartmouth College, Professor Arthur M. Wilson and Mary Tolford Wilson Faculty Research Fellowship, 2005-2006. 

Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Fellowship, Alternate, 2005-2006.

Dartmouth College, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center Research Scholars Program, 2004-2006.

Duke University, University Endowment Fellowship, 1990-1993.

UCLA, Institute of American Cultures and Ford Foundation Research Grant, 1989.

UCLA, Afro-American Studies Program for Interdisciplinary Research Grant, 1989.

UCLA, University Fellowship, 1988-1990.

UCLA, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, 1988-1990.

Professional Affiliations: 
Presentations / Recent Lectures: 

407 Lehman

Office Hours: 

B.A., Cornell University, Summa Cum Laude, 1988 (in Africana Studies with a concentration in Women's Studies) 
M.A., UCLA, 1990 (in Afro-American Studies)
M.A., Duke University, 1993 (History)
Ph.D., Duke University, 2001 (History)

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University of North Carolina Press author Celia Naylor provides historical context for the current debates surrounding the Cherokee freedmen. Naylor is the author of African Cherokees in Indian Territory: From Chattel to Citizens, which examines the intricate and emotionally charged history of Cherokee freedpeople.