Diversity & Development

A commitment to diversity—in our student body, faculty and staff, as well as in our curriculum—is one of Barnard’s core values.  As articulated in our mission statement, the College aims to prepare “graduates to flourish in different cultural surroundings in an increasingly inter-connected world.”  Barnard sees the ability and desire to engage profoundly with radically different ways of analyzing the world as a key value in the students it takes pride in graduating: engaged global citizens possessed of a discerning intelligence, an understanding of inequality and power, and the moral courage to make a difference.

Barnard’s commitment to expanding diversity and promoting inclusiveness encompasses a broad range of campus offices and programs, from the Admissions Office and Student Life to the Deans’ and Provost’s Offices, on the Board of Trustees, and in student and staff leadership.  Recognizing the need to do even better, the College announced a joint task force in late 2015, The President's Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion, that would bring together representatives of each of these divisions to coordinate their efforts, working for the prioritization of diversity in fundraising and hiring, and developing programs to promote diversity and equity through the creation of concrete goals and structures of accountability. The President’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion is co-chaired by the President and the Dean for Faculty Diversity and Development.
The Dean for Faculty Diversity and Development is a position that was created in 2009 when the Committee on Faculty Diversity and Development (FDD) was formed. The FDD Committee, which currently includes tenure-eligible, tenured, and off-ladder faculty who represent all four divisions of the College, is charged with increasing diversity among the faculty and expanding Barnard’s support for faculty throughout their careers. These initiatives grew, in part, out of work done under a “Difficult Dialogues” grant from the Ford Foundation.
The FDD Committee works with a broad definition of diversity in order to provide a better education for our students and a richer intellectual environment for our faculty.  The Committee also works to address social structural biases and exclusions that have led to inequities in access to education and in the ranks of the academic profession. More generally, the Dean and the FDD Committee support programs that promote an open and inclusive campus climate for all faculty.

Links to the programs administered and projects undertaken by the FDD Committee are below.  Faculty with questions about the College’s Diversity and Development programs should contact the current Dean, Monica L. Miller (mmiller@barnard.edu), or the FDD administrator, Haley Schoeck (hschoeck@barnard.edu).

The FDD Dean’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Working with faculty searches for full-time, long-term positions to ensure an expansive and inclusive search
  • Supporting junior faculty through hiring, third-year reviews, and tenure, promotion or reappointment (depending on the nature of their position)
  • Leading FDD Committee initiatives


The FDD Committee’s ongoing programs include the following:


Other FDD Committee initiatives:

Faculty Diversity Survey

During the fall of 2014, the Faculty Diversity and Development (FDD) Committee worked with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to develop a faculty survey to better understand the social composition of the full-time faculty and views about faculty diversity and climate at Barnard.  The response rate was 75% and respondents’ self-reported sex, race/ethnicity, rank, and voting division closely mirrored that of the population surveyed.  A brief summary of the results was presented at several meetings in late Spring 2015.  The FDD Committee hosted a series of more specific conversations with faculty committees about the results of the survey in Spring 2016. The final report on the FDD Faculty Survey is available here.

FDD Action Plan

During the 2015-16 academic year, the FDD Committee developed a set of priorities that were identified as critical to moving the College forward in terms of faculty diversity and inclusion. A version of the Action Plan was discussed at an FDD-sponsored faculty forum in April 2016, and a revised version was unanimously endorsed by the Barnard faculty at the May 2016 Faculty Meeting. The FDD Action Plan is available here.

Opportunity Hiring Initiative 

During Fall 2018, the FDD Committee, along with the Provost Office, developed a set of guidelines to help faculty identify and recruit established and emerging scholars to contribute to the College's committment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here is the link to those qualities.