Guest Policies

Note: different guest policies and/or limits may be in place during breaks, interim periods, and/or the summer. For more information, please consult the policy information provided to you for that time period.

A "guest" is defined as any non-resident of the residence hall. All current Barnard students (regardless of whether they live in BC or CU housing) may enter any Barnard residence hall as a guest at any time by presenting a valid Barnard ID 1 to the Access Attendant. Misuse/abuse of the tenets of visitation privileges may result in disciplinary action and restriction of privileges. The College reserves the right to suspend or terminate an individual's guest privileges, as well as the right to limit guest privileges during times when classes are not in session, or as otherwise deemed necessary.

1 A valid Barnard ID is defined as an ID with a current residence hall sticker on it. Current commuter students may obtain a sticker from the Student Life Office in order to access residential facilities. CU students residing in Barnard residence halls may enter the hall in which they reside at any time with a CU ID containing the appropriate Barnard residence hall sticker.

Residential students are prohibited from giving their keys and/or ID cards to another to use in order to gain entry into a residence hall or room.

Guest Access

Resident hosts must complete the following steps to sign in a guest:

  • Resident host must meet the guest at the front desk with a valid Barnard ID
  • The resident host must sign the guest in.
  • The guest will be required to leave a current and valid photo ID 2 at the front desk for the duration of their visit.
  • The resident host must escort their guests at all times. Resident hosts assume responsibility for their guests and must ensure their guests comply with all Barnard College policies; this includes Barnard students who are guests in another residence hall.
  • When the guest leaves the residence hall, the resident host must escort the guest to the front desk to sign them out and retrieve their ID.

2 Acceptable forms of identification include but are not limited to, a current and valid student or employee ID (with a photo), a driver's license or other state issued ID, a passport. Credit cards, ATM cards, or expired photo identification documents will not be accepted.

Guest Limits

Residents are permitted to have no more than three guests at any given time, and guests may be hosted in the Barnard residence halls for no more than three consecutive nights and no more than six nights total in any 30-day period. 

Provided there is no unreasonable interference with the rights of a roommate or suitemate, a resident may have short-term guest(s) (those who stay for a few hours, but not overnight) at any time as long as it is within the limits noted above.

In some instances, the College will place restrictions on a person's access to campus or specific buildings on campus. The onus to comply with restrictions is on the individual for whom the restriction is in place. However, residents in Barnard College residence halls are expected to inquire about whether or not a person is restricted from an area before signing them in as a guest. Knowingly assisting someone in an effort to gain entry into a building from which that person is banned is a violation of the Guest Policy.

Guests who are Minors

Students may not bring children under the age of 13 into the residence halls without having their parent (of legal age) or legal guardian being present with the minor at all times. Students may not use the residence halls in order to provide babysitting services. Residents of Cathedral Gardens providing babysitting service for faculty members who live in College housing must do so within the faculty member's apartment.

Any person between the ages of 13-16 years may visit a resident in the Barnard residence halls as long as the Minor Permission Form has been submitted and approved. All signed forms must be submitted to the office no later than noon of the business day prior to the date of visitation. Minors are not permitted as guests during the following time periods: Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break,  Spring Break, and/or May & August Interim.