Print from a Personal Computer

How to Print from Your Computer

You may send printing jobs from your networked personal computer to be printed on a lab NINJa printer.

  • You must physically go to the lab and enter your UNI and password into the NINJa computer in order for your documents to print.
  • Any jobs that are left unverified by password will be deleted after 2 hours.
  • You must be connected to secure wireless (Barnard Secure) to send jobs to a NINJa printer.


Please be advised that when sending a printing job from your personal computer to a NINJa printing station, the username and password fields can both be edited. This means that any Columbia University student can enter their UNI and password and print your document. This is especially important when printing documents which contain sensitive information, such as tax returns. Always be vigilant about retrieving your documents in a timely manner.


You can find instructions for your personal computer's operating system on the CUIT Network Printing webpage (NOTE: Please use the "Windows7/Vista" printer drivers if you have Windows 8). If you would like assistance with this setup please feel free to come in to the Student Computing office during our normal business hours.