About Residential Life & Housing

Residential Life & Housing is a team of professionals and paraprofessionals who are trained to respond to a variety of student issues. On the “front line” are the Resident Assistants (RAs). They are undergraduates living in the residence halls who respond to issues such as roommate/suitemate conflicts, noise complaints, disruptive behavior, and adjustment needs, to name a few. In addition, they offer educational, cultural, and social programs to stimulate residents outside of their classrooms and foster community within their residence hall. Students are encouraged to first consult with their RA about problems before going to their Hall Director or Associate Director.

RAs receive support from the Hall Directors (HDs). They are graduate students who live in the residence halls and provide supervision for RAs and serve an on-call function for emergencies.

All residential facilities are overseen by the three Associate Directors (ADs). Having earned graduate degrees in higher education administration or related fields, the Associate Directors oversee all programming and administrative aspects of the residence hall program. In addition, the ADs act as resources, frequently counseling students and/or making referrals to other campus professionals. ADs supervise the HDs and serve on various campus committees.

The housing portion of the department is coordinated by the Associate Director for Housing Operations and his assistant.  They coordinate everything related to room assignments, room changes, billing, room changes, and Room Selection.

The Office of Residential Life and Housing is led by the Associate Dean for Campus & Residential Life. Responsibilities of the Associate Dean include coordinating all housing and residential life functions and programs, and determining policies and procedures, and supervising all of the Residential Life staff.

The Residential Life staff develops positive relationships with students through their many interactions outside the classroom and within the residential setting. We are familiar with the stresses you endure as students at a prestigious institution, and interact with you at your “home away from home.” Please feel free to contact any of the aforementioned staff members to learn more about Residential Life and Housing or to address any concerns.