Residential Life & Housing Calendar

Note: All dates are subject to change

For additional important dates, please visit the Room Change Requests, Room Selection, Housing Applications, & Housing Cancellation Policy.

Fall 2015

Sun, Aug 30 Residence Hall Check-In for First Years
Mon, Aug 31 Residence Hall Check-In for Transfer & Visiting Students
Sat & Sun,
Sept 5 & 6
Residence Hall Check-In for Upperclass Students, including readmitted students (9am-5pm)
Fri, Oct 30 4pm
- Sun, Nov 3
Fall Break (residence halls remain open, cafeterias are closed)
Wed, Nov 25 4pm
- Sun, Nov 29
Thanksgiving Break (residence halls remain open, cafeterias are closed)
Thu, Dec 24 9am 9am check-out deadline for students not returning for the Spring 
Ex. graduating mid-year, studying abroad for Spring, withdrawing, moving off-campus, etc.
Thu, Dec 24 9am Residence Halls close for Winter Break at 9am
Students are not permitted to remain in campus housing during Winter Break.

Spring 2016

Tue, Jan 12 Residence Hall Check-In for VISP
Wed, Jan 13 Residence Hall Check-In for Spring Transfer Students
Sat, Jan 16 Residence Hall Check-In for New Continuing Students moving into housing for the Spring (9am)
Ex. students returning from study abroad, readmitted to the College, commuters who want to move into campus housing, etc.
Sat, Jan 16 Residence Halls reopen from Winter Break for returning students (9am)
Fri, Mar 11 4pm
- Sun, Mar 20
Spring Break (residence halls remain open, cafeterias are closed)
Mar 21 - 28 Registration for Room Selection (1pm Mon, Mar 21 through 1pm Mon, Mar 28)
Fri, Apr 1 Housing Lottery: Senior Selection Day
Tue, Apr 5 Housing Lottery: Junior Selection Day
Fri, Apr 8 Housing Lottery: Sophomore Selection Day
Fri, May 13 Students must move out of the residence halls within 24 hours of their last scheduled exam or no later than 5pm on Friday, May 13
Thu, May 19 Check-out deadline for Graduating Seniors who are authorized to take part in Commencement (10am)