Open Communicator: Online Scheduling

Log-on to Open Communicator here:

On the Open Communicator website you can schedule certain types of appointments, cancel any PCHS appointment, receive secure messages from Primary Care clinicians and Furman counselors, submit certain required forms, and access your immunization records.


Appointments: You may self-schedule several different types of appointment through Open Communicator. 

Please note that the PCHS will charge a $25 No Show appointment fee for all appointments which have not been canceled ahead of time.

Appointments can be canceled via phone at 1-212-854-2091 (during clinic hours) or online via the Open Communicator website in the Appointments Section. Appointments cannot be canceled via voice mail, gBear/personal email or Open Communicator Secure Messaging.

You can cancel any scheduled PCHS appointment via the Open Communicator website in Appointments Section, regardless of whether you made it online, over the phone or in person!

The types of appointment that can be scheduled through Open Communicator are:

  • Contraceptive Management
  • Gynecological Appointment
  • Medical Visit
  • Physical Exam and/or Form Completion

Messages: Receive secure messages from your Primary Care providers. This messaging system should only be used either in response to a message from your provider OR if your provider requests that you message her directly. 

It is NOT for: refill requests, referral requests, acute symptoms/complaints, scheduling of appointments.

Forms: Submit certain required health forms. 

Immunization Records: Access and print your immunization records. 
Please note that the record on the Open Communicator website is not an official immunization record and may not be complete.

If you need an official immunization record, please contact the Primary Care Health Service at 1-212-854-2091.