Damage & Move-Out Charges

You and your fellow residents share responsibility for your room, suites, and building commons areas. When possible, any person or persons responsible for causing damage will be assessed the repair and replacement charges connected with restoring damaged areas to as close to original condition as possible.

Damages can be assessed by rooms, suites, floors, or throughout a building. The typical costs for repairing or replacing many of the furnishings and facilities frequently damaged in the residence halls are listed below. Charges for these items will depend on the current cost of materials and the amount of time required to complete these kinds of repairs. Damage charges reflect minimal labor costs; thus, additional required labor will result in a higher charge.

Charges are assessed based upon move-out inspections or upon discovery of damages at other times.  Residents are not charged for normal wear-and-tear or for conditions noted on RCRs/SCRs when they moved in.

General Per Housing Cleaning Charge $46
Refrigerator Cleaning $46
Scraping Off Stickers, Tape Residue, Adhesive (may cost more if painting is needed) $58
Cleaning Walls (no paint required) $46
Carpet/Tile Cleaning $46
Removal of Cynder Blocks $46
Removal of Excess Garbage $46/hr
Damaged/Missing Smoke Detector $232
Missing Fire Extinguisher $87
Damaged/Missing Heat Sensor $348
Damaged / Missing Fire Horn $348
Removal of window stoppers $116
Paint Entire Room $696
Paint/Repair One Wall or Part Thereof $232
General Per Hour Repair Charge $47
Replace Missing Towel Bar $64
Replace Light Fixture $87
Replace Broken/Missing Mirror $75
Replace Window Shade $58
Replace Window Blinds $145
Nails or tacks in wall (no paint required) $47
Relocation of College Furniture, per item $47
Removal of Personal Items Left In Room (per hour) $46
Improper Check-Out $100
Lost Key (per key) $25
Recycle Bin $15
Bed - Platform $447
Bed - Bunkable $348
Bed - Bunk Ladder $110
Bed - Safety Rails $70
Wardrobe $609
Desk $406
Desk Chair $116
Shelf - Desktop or hutch $203
Shelf - Floor Unit $394
Dresser $394
Mattress $145
Repair of Furniture Item(s) $47/hr
Lounge - Club Chair (1 seater) $957
Lounge - Love Seat (2 seater) $1276
Lounge - Sofa (3 seater) $1624
Lounge - Ottoman $394
Lounge - Coffee Table $290
Lounge - End Table $290